Freelance and Independent, Digital Designer, Brand Designer, Game designer, Creative Consultant, Artist and Executive Creative Director.

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What i Do.

I am working for entrepreneurs, agencies and companies in the field of creative strategy, branded content, UX and visual design.
I work hands-on and I am experienced as well in leading complex projects and teams in all sizes and structures.
My clients work directly and close with me, creating a more personal working relationship.
From initial ideas to moodboards, storyboards and prototypes to high-end execution, I offer creative brand consultancy and craft the certain epic look and feel that moves your brand, products and users – always purpose driven and with a mixture of user centric,
design driven and content based.
With more than 18 years of professional practice, I gained the experience and had the pleasure of creating branded content and designing digital experiences and products for some great clients such as Wolksvagen, AESA Consortium and many more.
My work has received numerous awards.
I’ve been rewarded in more than 3 branches of art and some of my works present in the Exlibris Museum in İstanbul and Cyprus.

Azadeh Ghaeini

How I work.

The most important question is how to provide something meaningful or valuable to my clients, their audience and followers. Valuable means an inspiration, or something entertaining. If you know your brand and know your users, the passion point is the overlapping field to start working and creating concepts.

The most powerful designs start with a story—the reason & the purpose—and where design fits into people’s lives.

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